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99 or double the flowers for an extra ten dollars at 1-800. Flowers. Calm! No! Welcome to the know I'm Ashley. Some PlayStation gamers had just a bit of a problem getting connected this weekend, as PSN suffered from outage issues Which normally isn't that huge of a deal both PSN and Xbox Live.

Everyone has outage issues sometimes Except this was the third time in the last week for a better part of the weekend. Gaming and social services were interrupted, meaning some players, couldn't, launch games or applications as well as PlayStation now or their account management functionality, which, as We get increasingly digital, becomes a bigger and bigger problem.

Fortunately, it's back in business as usual on PS and now, with all services restored, just in time for more that modern Dragonball Fighters. Ok, I'll. Stop saying this is Speaking of both of these games.

They each had enormous launches this weekend. Capcom announced today that monster hunter world has shipped 5 Million copies in its first few days, making it the fastest selling monster hunter title of all time, And that's.

Just the opening weekend also note.. They do say shipped not sold, But that's still a lot of copies. The total brings the series up to 45 million in its lifetime. Unfortunately, Xbox one players have had a little bit of a problem with multiplayer connectivity in that game.

Capcom confirmed, but fortunately There is a fix for players on the way and a bit of a workaround. In the meantime, We & # 39. Ll include a link for that in the link. Dump. Dragonball Fighters also had a big weekend, though not quite as big.

However, the game moved enough units on PC to already become the biggest fighting game on Steam. Ever the game peaked at North of 44,000 concurrent players in its first few days, putting it far beyond the competition.

The next highest peak was Tekken 7 at 18,000. Unsurprisingly, both monster hunter world and Dragon Ball fighters also topped the UK charts this weekend at number 1 and number 2 respectively. We'll, see if this is just a one weekend, success story Or if the games continue to hold on to these spots, there both great games They're, both doing very very well.

So I think I'll. Keep it a little bit, But that's. Just me, There have been tons of discussion about last week's, announcements that Microsoft will be adding day, one Xbox exclusives to their game, past Subscription program and now Xbox, boss, Phil Spencer, is adding some of his thoughts about what this change could mean.

For gamers, according to him, it actually opens the door for a unique new single-player games when a fan asks if game paths were merely a subscription service with great value or a means to fund two new types of experiences.

Spencer, replied. I see xgp, as both the value is pretty obvious for some, and the idea of a new model that could open up Opportunities for creativity is where I think we'll end up, especially for single-player games, That's.

What the model has done for TV, But it's, not an exact analogy. Come on bring on the single-player bring on the experimental, weird stuff. Netflix Got really great when they started funding a bunch of original stuff.

. It's. Awesome.. Now people mostly watch it for original stuff persona 5 was one of last year's, Best reviewed titles. I mean I wouldn't shut up about it and is considered by some to be one of the best RPGs ever made.

Unfortunately, for many gamers out there it was platform exclusive to ps4. However, Atlas is indicating that for the next entry in this series They may consider new destinations to play the game in their recent annual fan survey.

The publisher asked Japanese gamers if they wanted to see persona 6 on the PC and Switch and also asked if gamers would prefer to see a persona game in VR or on a smartphone. In addition to that, They asked if fans would be interested in persona 3 or persona 4 remakes, along with a number of potential Shin Megami, Tensei remakes, If they're a way to just check yes to all these, maybe if Alice just goes ahead And hires 500 people we can have everything, But mostly I would very much like persona on the switch and the PC.

. Thank you very much Atlas. To get right on that. Last week, Ubisoft announced that the head of Rainbow six siege is a year three content. The game was going to beginning about $ 20, more expensive, plus loot boxes and, as expected after lots of fan outcry, They & # 39.

Ve promptly walked some of those changes. Back., Which is actually Really unusual in a company so that's to be commended. The company responded to the outrage on reddit writing that in penance They & # 39.

Ll give all players a free elite skin. On March 6th, They're, going to do work to fix the game's, contentious starter pack and they won't, be increasing the price by $ 20. However, They're, still going to keep those pesky loot boxes, which some fans are still taking issue with.

Part of that is because, for so long Rainbow, six siege has been pointed to as an example among gamers about how to handle micro transactions in a multiplayer games. So, as You can imagine, the feedback is up its split.

We'll, see how the loot box implementation affects the player base, if at all, in the coming weeks After Epic hinted that they might be shying away from Paragon in order to focus on their now super popular Fortnight just a few weeks ago.

Well, It looks like Paragon is officially shutting down Epic announced to that support for the mobile shooter Will end as of April 26th.. They write in a blog post. It's with heavy hearts. We've, decided to close down Paragon after careful consideration and many difficult internal debates.

We feel there isn't a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be Sustainable. We didn't execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon. We have failed you, despite the team's, incredibly hard work and we're.

Sorry as such, they also wrote that They will be offering full refunds to anyone who spent any money on the game, regardless of platform which stand-up thing for them to do, considering those circumstances and probably funded by daddy fortnight.

But it's, Regardless of who funds it. That's very unusual, very awesome, And it's, interesting to see, as we again get more digital, How companies will handle games shutdowns and what that means for us, as gamers data miners dived into sea of thieves, and have surfaced with Almost hasty tidbits about what's inside the upcoming pirate game.

A Redditor named m4 rx did some digging in the game's files and well, they didn't decrypt, the actual assets. They still found. Some interesting information and Spoiler, we're gonna Talk about a few of them.

Probably the biggest is that we will see an appearance by the mythical sea creature of the Kraken at some point in the game, Which sounds a maze. Other enemies in the game include mermaids and Skelly's.

That's, separate, of course, from the sirens that are already there to get you back to your ship when you fall off All that makes sense for a pirate game. We also learned about new weapons like the sniper rifle the blunderbuss, which I'm.

Assuming means that it's, a different blunderbuss than what's in the Beta and heavy swords. So yeah sounds very cool so far. If you played the beta, It was actually quite a lot of fun a little flat in terms of progression, But the developers did say that they & # 39.

Ve held a lot of different elements back from the beta for the full launch. It's, a lot of fun when you can get into it. See if these hits PC and Xbox one on March 20th.. I'm super excited after that beta, the movie rental service red box is Suing Disney, claiming that the house a mouse, plays dirty when it comes to selling movies in the suit red box.

Claims that Disney tries To prevent it from selling Disney movies and even pressures, distributors and retailers to not use the kiosk service Disney's even sued to try and keep red box from selling digital downloads of its movies in the suit red box, says Disney baldly seeks to stifle competition and eliminate low-cost options in order to maximize the prices it and its retailers charge.

Consumers I mean yeah, you remember the Disney Vault, Also crimp Disney just buy red box. It probably has enough money, Just in the couch cushions for that. One, But it's, not honestly, all that surprise of a move for Disney to try and stifle low cost inks I mean the whole point of the ball was so they could keep costs high.

. We've heard that a fifth Indiana Jones Movie is coming, But now we & # 39. Ve got a firmer timeline on when that's happening the movie that reunites Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg Will start shooting in 2019.

With a release date of 2020, no word yet on the plot details or anything like that, But if those two are back on board. It's. A good son. I'm, very excited about this one, because there was, I heard that we're gonna make a fourth movie.

. They're gonna Call it Kino in the Crystal Skull, but then it didn't. Come out, But if it had come out it would have gotten mixed reviews from critics and fans all the way. Back in 2008 I'm sorry.. I like to pretend.

It doesn't exist, but it did make 786 million dollars worldwide, which is a high for the franchise Tragically and uh. The theme of the day, money talks. - I'm, really glad that Harrison Ford's coming back for it.

A 400 million-dollar Robbery occurred recently, but not at a bank. No hackers apparently stole a bunch of cryptocurrency from the Japanese exchange coin. Check by exploiting a Security breach, the hackers made off with a bunch of tokens from the currency known as nem, and now the exchange has halted all Withdrawals and trading until they can figure out what happened.

Nem is the tenth largest cryptocurrency.. I can't believe we have more than ten to rank them, But we do and it's. Prices dropped more than 10 percent after the hack. Needless to say, This runs up there with the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever and the co-founder of coin check says they're, trying to trace the funds to see if it's possible to recover them.

Although isn't one of the upsides of cryptocurrency, theoretically that it's Untraceable well, we'll, see anyway.. That's. The news for this round up, Let us know what you think of all these stories. In the comments down below To make sure you get news from every corner of the Internet, every weekday, and that means a whole week ahead because it is Monday Make sure you like this video.

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